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Be a part Cavetime’s first ever men’s and women’s conference, April 8-9th 2016. Men will learn what it means to take care of God’s daughters. Women will learn what it means to be be a daughter of the King. Together we will become a wall for our families, for our churches, and for our world. Don’t miss out on this event. God has a purpose in each and every one of you. Knowing it is one thing. Living it out is another.



Jeff Voth has a doctorate in leadership and spiritual formation, a master's in philosophy and apologetics, and a master's of divinity. He is a university professor, lead pastor, and the founder and president of Cavetime. Jeff reveals that most of his life's advanced learning has come from his time in his cave, just as David's did - a place of refuge and safety, and a place to hear God's voice and gain courage for the battle. Jeff is married to Lori, his wife of over 30 years. They have three sons, a daughter and son-in-law, and two grandchildren. 

Lori and Jeff have been in ministry for over thirty years. They pastor Church 3434, in Tulsa, OK. Lori is a dynamic women's speaker with a heart for a generation of women to understand their calling in Christ Jesus. This understanding comes from an ability to hear God's voice, seek his plans and walk out his purpose for their lives. 


Special Guest:

Camp Dry Gulch, USA

Camp Dry Gulch - 572 Dry Gulch Rd, Adair, OK 74330

Dry Gulch, U.S.A. is a year-round camp and retreat center located one hour northeast of Tulsa, Oklahoma, on the shores of Lake Hudson. Camp Dry Gulch was originally created as on Old West movie set used for feature family films. Now it is used as a year round 1800's themed retreat center for summer camps and conferences. 


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Cavetime USA:

1. Is this a marriage conference?
No. Cavetime USA in the past has just been a men's conference. This year it is designed specifically for men and women.

2. Are lodging and meals provided?
Yes. Lodging and meals are included. Friday dinner and Saturday breakfast and lunch.

3. If I am married, will my spouse and I be sleeping in the same room?
No. We will have separate men's housing and women's housing.

4. Who are the speakers?
•Jeff Voth - Founder of Cavetime
•Lori Voth - Wife of Jeff and Co-Founder of Cavetime
•Clayton Jennings - Evangelist, Speaker, Author, and Poet
•Cliff Graham - Author of The Lion of War Series and Founder of Know the Covering Ministries
•Keith Wheeler - Missionary and Evangelist
•Jody Burkeen - Founder of Man Up God's Way Ministries and Pastor of Ignite Church
•Kathrine Lee - Founder of Pure Hope Foundation (Anti-Human Trafficking Organization) and International Speaker
•Scarlet Pepin - Founder of Scarlet Pepin Ministries and International Speaker

5. What are the dates?
April 8-9, 2016

6. Where is the location of the event?
Camp Dry Gulch near Tulsa, Oklahoma

7. How many tickets are available?
We have 500 tickets available. They will sell out.

8. Can teenagers attend?
Yes. However we highly recommend ages 12+.

9. Are group rates available?
Yes there are group rates. Email is for details at caveinfo@cavetime.org







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Clayton Jennings - jesus till i die

Cliff Graham

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